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Library Learning Center

Students participating in book musical chairs in the library.
Pink and blue bubbles with the words Open Minds at the Open classroom in white over the top

Open Minds at the Open Classroom Mural in our school library

Child with Book
Library shelves and stuffies.

Welcome to the Open Classroom Library!

Our Objective: 

“To learn literacy and research skills and explore the world together, as a community.”

To accomplish this we must-

1- Keep the library space and its users safe.

2- Provide a wide variety of quality, up to date, and age appropriate research materials.

3- Provide a diverse selection of fiction materials so that every child can find themselves, their families, and their peers represented in ways that are both positive & realistic.

4- Provide materials that encourage more reading and more research as well as creativity, responsibility, and independence.

5- Provide opportunities for guided technological exploration and skill building.

6- Schedule time for every class to use the library resources on a regular basis.


Open –

Monday - Thursday 9:30-4:00

Friday 10:00-1:30

Reserved -

Alternating Mondays 3:10-4:10 for faculty meetings

Tuesday 3:00-4:00 for Math Tutoring & the 2nd Tuesday of each month 6:30-8:30 pm for Steering

2nd Wednesday 9-9:30 for Prospective Parent tours. Information nights are held in the library throughout the year. See calendar for dates and times.

Fridays after school for our After Care Program

For more information contact me at:  

Borrowing Policy   

 Open Classroom Library Catalog

Parents are welcome to check out books and other materials. We have a fantastic Parent Resource selection!

Kindergarten students are allowed to check out 1-3 books at a time.

1st-4th grade students are allowed as many as 5 books at a time.

5th-8th are allowed up to 6 each.

We do not charge fines for late books but ask that you return them as soon as possible so that others may enjoy them.

After 2 weeks overdue notices are sent automatically.

Lost or Damaged Book?Some options:

*Replace with a copy of the missing title, in new or good condition

*Give replacement funds to Nicole in the office

*Donate another children's book title, in good condition, to the library

*Inform library staff of replacement option so that accounts can be updated

Returned books should be fed to Cosmo, our Book Monster. 

Our new Book Monster in black, yellow, white and purple.

Reading Resources and Donations-

Students can read free ebooks using their school log in with the Sora app here or through their Canvas account.


In the hallway just outside of the library you can find free, used children’s books and a box for donations or after-hour returns. 

When you order Scholastic books from home with this link and code TGHCM, we earn free books for the library.

Scholastic icon


Our students are constantly devouring new books! Here are some of their requests (The wish list is located on Amazon but we encourage finding books from independent booksellers or used bookstores!)- 

                              Library Wish List 

OC mural